FLACS in the News

Find reference to 12 recently published GexCon scientific articles from 2009 and 2010

The following scientific articles utilizing the CFD-software FLACS have been published in 2009 and 2010:


  • J. García, D. Baraldi, E. Gallego, A. Beccantini, A. Crespo, O.R. Hansen, S. Høiset, A. Kotchourko, D. Makarov, E. Migoya, V. Molkov, M.M. Voort, J. Yanez (2010). An intercomparison exercise on the capabilities of CFD models to reproduce a large-scale hydrogen deflagration in open atmosphere. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (In Press doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2010.02.011)
  • Prankul Middha, Olav R. Hansen, Joachim Grune and Alexei Kotchourko (2010). CFD calculations of gas leak dispersion and subsequent gas explosions: Validation against ignited impinging hydrogen jet experiments. Journal of Hazardous Materials (article in press, doi:10.1016/j.jhazmat.2010.02.061)
  • Davis, S.G. & Hansen, O.R. (2010). New investigation findings on the 2006 Danvers, MA explosion. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries,23 (2) 194-210


  • Baraldi, D., Kotchourko, A., Lelyakin, A., Yanez, J., Middha, P., Hansen, O.R., Gavrikov, A., Efimenko, A., Verbecke, F., Makarov, D. & Molkov, V. (2009). An inter-comparison exercise on CFD model capabilities to simulate hydrogen deflagrations in a tunnel.International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 34 (18):7862-7872.
  • Hanna, S.R., Hansen, O.R. Ichard, M. & Strimaitis, D. (2009). CFD model simulation of dispersion from chlorine railcars in industrial and urban areas. Atmospheric Environment, 43 (2): 262-270.
  • Makarov et al. (2009), "An inter-comparison exercise on CFD model capabilities to predict a hydrogen explosion in a simulated vehicle refuelling environment", Int. J. of Hydrogen Energy 34, 2800-2814
  • Melheim, J.A., Ichard, M. & Pontiggia, M. (2009). Towards a computational fluid dynamics methodology for studies of large-scale LNG releases. Hazards XXI, 9-12 November 2009, Manchester, UK. IChemE Symposium Series 155: 336-343.
  • Middha, P. & Hansen, O.R. (2009). Using computational fluid dynamics as a tool for hydrogen safety studies. Journal of Loss Prevention in Process Industries, 22 (3): 295-302.
  • Middha and Hansen (2009), "CFD simulation study to investigate the risk from hydrogen vehicles in tunnels", Int. J. of Hydrogen Energy 34 (14): 5875-5886.
  • Middha, P., Hansen, O.R. & Storvik, I.E. (2009). Validation of CFD-model for hydrogen dispersion. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 22: 1034-1038.
  • van Wingerden, K., Skjold, T. & Siwek, R. (2009). Simulation von Staubexplosionen in Sprühtrocknern. Technische Überwachung, 50 (5): 18-22.
  • Venetsanos et al. (2009), "An inter-comparison exercise on the capabilities of CFD models to predict the short and long term distribution and mixing of hydrogen in a garage,  Int. J. of Hydrogen Energy 34 (14) 5912-5923.

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