davis  Scott G. Davis, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI
Explosion and Fire Safety

Dr. Scott Davis specializes in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and the engineering analysis and testing of combustion, thermal, and fluid processes. Dr. Davis applies his expertise to the investigation, prevention, and risk assessment of fires, explosions, and dispersion hazards such as flammable vapors and carbon monoxide exposures. He is responsible for fire and explosion related consulting activities, which include post-incident investigative work as well as performing risk assessments and safety studies for offshore Oil & Gas installations, petrochemical facilities, and various other industries. These studies include explosion risk assessment, blast and venting analyses, assessment of combustible dust explosions and ignition, toxic and flammable gas releases and dispersion, hydrogen safety, ventilation, detector placement, and carbon monoxide dispersion with the assistance of the world-leading FLACS software developed by GexCon.

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Filippo Gavelli, Ph.D., P.E., CFEI
Head of Dispersion Consulting

Dr. Filippo Gavelli is the Head of the Dispersion Consulting group at GexCon US, Inc and specializes in the analysis of heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena, including multiphase flows and cryogenic fluids. He applies his expertise to modeling the atmospheric dispersion of hazardous gaseous releases, and has extensive experience modeling Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vapor cloud dispersion. Dr. Gavelli is responsible for GexCon US’ dispersion modeling activities, which include dispersion related risk assessments and consequence modeling for chemical and petrochemical facilities, offshore installations, hazardous materials transportation and various other applications. Dr. Gavelli’s work has also been applied to accident investigations and in the forensic arena. GexCon US’ dispersion modeling studies are performed using the world-leading FLACS software, developed by GexCon. Dr. Gavelli is the lead author of several LNG safety-related papers. He is also member of several LNG related technical committees and expert panels.

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