Dr. Scott Davis provided key analyses and testimony in one of the largest maritime losses in recent history—the explosion and fire aboard on the MSC Flaminia on July 14, 2012. While the MSC Flaminia was crossing the Atlantic Ocean headed to Antwerp, Belgium, an explosion and ensuing fire occurred in one of the cargo holds. The crew was forced to abandon ship and the fire burned for more than a week before being brought under control. The incident resulted in the death of three crew members and severe damage to thousands of cargo containers and the vessel itself. The damages resulting from the incident were over USD$150 million.

The court’s ruling said the following regarding the work done by Gexcon and Dr. Scott Davis:

Scott G. Davis, Ph.D., testified extensively at trial. The Court was very impressed by him. Dr. Davis has all the expertise a court could wish for: extraordinary credentials, engagement with his assignment, and a careful, forthright, and clear manner. The Court was particularly persuaded by the careful scientific work that he did which reinforced many of his opinions. Dr. Davis was not  relying solely on theory—he and the company with which he is associated, GexCon US, Inc. (“Gexcon”), performed modeling and testing that provide a strong, independent basis for crediting his views. The Court relies heavily on his opinions.

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