FLACS-Risk is a new, unique software solution for 3D CFD risk modelling and visualization. The tool allows risk-owners to design facilities that are significantly more cost effective, while still maintaining the required high safety levels.

FLACS Risk web Illustration shows example of FLACS-Risk output: new 3D risk visualization of 1e-4/yr explosion overpressures


Key Benefits of FLACS-Risk

  • 3D visualization of risk to efficiently communicate and improve risk-owners understanding of safety issues
  • Reduce the cost of design, engineering and construction
  • More efficient workflows reduce man-hours and lead-time of running simulations by more than 25 per cent
  • Will standardize methodology for safety studies

The FLACS software gives accurate answers about explosion overpressures, toxic gas concentrations and heat loads, which is critical input when designing facilities with explosion, toxic and fire hazards. The benefit of FLACS-Risk is clear 3D visualization of risk calculation data, which can be communicated to risk-owners more efficiently than ever before.


Improved Understanding of Safety Issues

Traditionally, the task of calculating the extent of risk in hazardous environments has been reserved for a few, high-end safety consultancies. The challenge has also been that such studies take long to conduct.

The unique quality of FLACS-Risk is that you can show the full 3D risk picture. By identifying structural hotspots, the risk-owners can design structures with reinforcements in areas of high forces and not uniformly reinforce for the highest force anywhere.

FLACS-Risk will have integrated quality assurance functions and give less room for error. Consistency in output between different users will improve, with far less time spent in the project.


The four plots in the video shows the following:
Top left: Explosion DRAG forces projected on surfaces with 1e-4/yr frequency
(1x per 10000 years) [Range 0-0.5 bar]
Top right: Explosion DRAG forces as 3D volume with 1e-4/yr frequency
(1x per 10000 years) [Range 0.3-0.5 bar]
Bottom Left: Explosion Overpressure forces projected on surfaces
with 1e-4/yr frequency (1x per 10000 years) [Range 0-1.0 bar]


Efficient Workflows

An important part of FLACS-Risk is the ability to run and manage many simulations efficiently. Originally FLACS was developed to run a hand-full of simulations, while for risk studies you need to run hundreds or thousands of simulations.

FLACS-Risk Simulation Capabilities:

  • Well organized
  • Big volume
  • Inexpensive to run: Computer hours are cheap; it is additional man-hours that cost money
  • Auditable
  • Simulations run quickly


FLACS-Risk Features

The first commercial version of FLACS-Risk will have some limitations, most importantly no explosions. However, many risk-owners will benefit greatly from a 3D FLACS risk tool that provides valuable output from risk studies on dispersion and jet fires.

Features of FLACS-Risk version 1.0:

  • Ventilation, dispersion and fire modelling
  • Steady state and transient modelling
  • UKOOA ignition model

The launch of FLACS-Risk complements our existing software portfolio. We believe that companies can achieve significant cost and time saving by standardising on a single software tool that resolves both consequence and risk simulations.

FLACS-Risk Launches in 2017

The FLACS-Risk v1.0 module was released on Monday 13th March 2017. 



Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information about FLACS-Risk.

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