Employing scientific and engineering principles, GexCon provides a wide array of services for the investigation and analysis of fires and explosions.  These include site inspections, cause & origin determination, testing, analysis and modeling using the industry accepted CFD software FLACS.

GexCon has licensed Certified Fire and Explosions Investigators (CFEI) and Professional Engineers (PE) that have investigated hundreds of fires throughout the country ranging from vehicle and residential fires to larger scale fires and explosions at chemical processing, petrochemical, and other industrial facilities.  GexCon engineers have participated in code making entities such as NFPA 921 (Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations) and are knowledgeable of the use of established methodologies and fundamental scientific principles to fire origin and cause investigations.

Industrial fire   Industrial fire

Our staff have experience designing and performing unique experiments to test fire origin and cause hypotheses.  In addition to traditional fire investigation, we routinely use innovative techniques such as 3D surveying methods, photogrammetry, video and image analysis, and three-dimensional computer animation to resolve and explain complex problems as shown below.

3D model of the facility prior to the explosion

Engineers at GexCon also have extensive experience evaluating the failure of electrical crimp connectors, which include studying the oxide layer growth, the contact resistance of the connections, the degradation of the electrical connection and insulating material, and the flammability characteristics of the insulation

Crimp Connector Failures: ISFI 2008 Conference

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